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I lost all my pictures and music! Now what???

It’s amazing how much we depend on our computers, right? Wrong! We depend on the information that took us so much time to gather/produce and which is actually the reason why we have these incredible machines in our lives.

It’s amazing to think that 30 years back in time a five gigabyte hard drive could only be found at NASA and would be as big as a compact car (not to mention that it would be way heavier). Nowadays we can find jump drives as small as a key chain that can hold this amount of information and more: because of this technology we now have our hard disks filled up with a hundreds of gigabytes, which are holding hundreds of pictures, songs, projects, valuable data, documents, and in short, our life.

 Ignoring this fact of life can be quite dangerous, especially considering how cheap it can be to back up your data.  Knowing this, it would be extremely silly not to take this safety precaution to secure your data.  I’ve already seen tragedies in this business: people who forgot to backup, people who had their laptops stolen at the airport, or even those who accepted some help from the “geek friend” (which believe me, can be an enormous mistake that could even put an end to a good friendship).

When people call me trying to figure out to get their data back, it always comes down to the same question: “why isn’t your hard drive backed up?”  Whenever I ask this question the answers are typically the same, and the reasons are not very good.  Some of the most common reasons that I hear are:

“Back up equipment is expensive”: Really? How much time will you spend to put everything back together? How about your songs? How long is it going to take to make the perfect play-list again? By the way, are you going to ask your son for that amazing smile at the beach so you can capture it again? You can easily find back up devices (an external hard drive for sample) for less than $200 which will likely be even bigger than what you need.

“I’m not a geek. I don’t know how to backup!”  Wrong! The same external hard drive that you can buy for less than $200 will come along with software that will be extremely easy to use (believe me: you can do it!).

“I never have time to back up! It takes a lot of time”: This is another thing that really matters when we’re talking about our (digital) life. Even if the external hard drive you’ve just bought doesn’t come with a feature that allows you to set an automatic back up for everyday at X o’clock you can still find software (in some cases even freeware) that will do the job for you. Just leave your computer plugged in and, for example, at 2 AM it will back up your data for you. No hassle, no excuses!  Do not forget to disable the hibernation mode if you are using this method though.

 It seems to me that this is a senseless tragedy and millions of dollars and huge amounts of heartbreak could be easily avoided, if only people would back up their data.  Well, I think that at this point you have gotten the message.  BACK UP no matter what!

Rod Pereira

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